Who We Are

Our mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the rights and privileges of employers of Oklahoma who assume certain risks and liabilities by self-insuring. Such self-insurers are subject to rules and regulations of the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court and applicable state statutes.

Our membership consists of a variety of sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, municipal governments, institutions of higher education, public school districts, hospitals, and group associations, all self-insured.

Other members are vendors and providers who deliver essential services and products to self-insured employers and members of group self-insurance associations.

The OWCEA board of directors represents self-insured employers, group self-insurance associations, vendors, and providers. Nine directs are elected by the general membership and volunteer their time serving three-year terms. Board members elect the president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. An executive director manages the daily affairs of the association.

The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Education Association is a member of the National Council of Self Insurers (NCSI)
The NCSI represents state associations in the nation’s capital on matters relating to worker’s compensation and monitors federal rules and regulations relating to the rights and responsibilities of self-insured employers.

OWCEA is an unincorporated association.